Oxygen Regulators

Constant Flow

Diluter Demand

Pressure Breathing Diluter Demand


Mask hose-end with and without Bailout Connection

Regulator Hose-End

Hose/Connector Assemblies

Bailout Hose-End

Anti-G Suit Hose-End

Miscellaneous Components

Oxygen Cylinders

Radar Pressurizing Controls

Connectors and Hoses

Parachute Mounting Plate

Liquid Oxygen Fill Valve Cap Assembly

Oxygen Test Sets

Portable & Emergency Oxygen Systems

Constant Flow

Diluter Demand

Pressure Breathing Diluter Demand

Automatic Pressure Breathing Diluter Demand

Bailout Systems - on/off control or break-off nipple

14-Man Oxygen Console

Low Pressure Oxygen Filler Valves and Rechargers



Valves, Rechargers and Couplings

High Pressure Cylinder, Line and Filler valves

Low Pressure Check Valves

On-Off Valve

Low Pressure Automatic Oxygen Coupling

Founded in 1949, Fluid Power, Inc. began overhauling high altitude, oxygen- breathing apparatus in support of the Armed Forces during the 1950-1953 Korean War. By 1957, FPI was a Government-qualified manufacturer of this sophisticated oxygen equipment. In the 1960's and 1970's , FPI also manufactured Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus for the U.S. Chemical Corp used at NIKE missile sites. The commercial version of this twin cylinder backpack was the CABA® unit as supplied to fire departments and city service departments.

Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers of high pressure, high altitude, portable oxygen breathing components and systems and a major supplier of fixed and man-mounted systems. Fluid Power has been an approved prime contractor to the US Military for over 50 years and a qualified supplier to major airframe manufacturers - both foreign and domestic. Following are systems and components produced by FPI: