Oxygen Filler Valves & Rechargers

FPI filler valves are intended for use in recharging of aircraft high pressure or low pressure gaseous oxygen systems or portable oxygen equipment.



valvles & rechargers

High Pressure Filler Valves -
FPI P/N 4215

Manufactured in accordance with
  MS22066-3, facilitates installation
  via 1/8" ANPT
Schrader style check valve mechanism
3/8-24 UNF-3A inlet per AND10089
  mates with fill lines utilizing
  AN805-3 nut.
Maximum operating pressure -
  2100 PSI
Includes cap assembly with 6"
  safety chain
302 Stainless Steel construction

FPI P/N 5450

Manufactured in accordance with
  MS22035-1 and MIL-V-5027
Inlet and outlet connections 3/8-24
  UNF-3A per AND10089 mates with
  fill lines utilizing AN805-3 nut
Poppet style check valve mechanism
Flange mounting
Oxygen Filter
Includes cap assembly with 6.5”
  safety chain
Brass construction
Maximum operating pressure –
  2000 PSI
Proof pressure - 3000 PSI
Similar to Puritan / B/E model 170080

Low Pressure Female Filler Valves

Our low pressure, female filler valves have been qualified by the U.S. Government under QPD-7891 providing secure transfer of oxygen in low pressure gaseous and therapeutic portable LOX systems and are manufactured I/A/W Mil-DTL-7891.

All mating surfaces exposed to oxygen flow are made from Monel (UNS N04405) providing
favorable flash characteristics.

All valves are designed and tested to couple with male valve M7891LM and leak tight to 500 PSI. Fitting end I/A/W AS4395E05 (.312 OD tubing)

Three configurations are available:

FPI P/N 5070M

Manufactured I/A/W M7891LF-1 (Supersedes AN6024-4)
Basic valve only

FPI P/N 5071M

Manufactured I/A/W M7891LF-2 (Supersedes AN6024-5)
Basic Valve with handle and tethered plug

FPI P/N 5072M

Manufactured I/A/W M7891LF-3 (Supersedes AN6024-6)
P/N 5071M with integrated mounting flange

Low Pressure Rechargers

Manufactured per military specification MS22032, these rechargers combine the M7891LF-2 filler valve with a .040 orifice adapter (AN6044-1) and extension hose per M26626-5 to provide remote connection to aircraft main oxygen distribution lines.

Hoses are Teflon with stainless steel braiding and include an AN818-5C nut.

Three configurations are available:

P/N 4531M (MS22032-1) 24” Hose length
P/N 4532M (MS22032-2) 18” Hose length
P/N 4803M (6014VS) 20” Hose length

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